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How do I enrol my kid at South Featherston?

Simply put, you can fill in one of our Enrolment Forms and bring it into the School office. There's a few items such as birth certificate, proof of address and immunisation records that we'll want to sight and make copies of as part of the enrolment process. There is no fee to enrol at our School.

And should you and your kids want to talk to more about our school and want to drop by and visit us to get more of a feel for our culture and learning environment, do get in touch with us. We'd love to have you come along and see us and discuss your expectations for your kids' school experience.

Does South Featherston have an 'School Zone', and can my child enrol if we're out of this zone?


Yes - we do have a Home Zone - which is designed to ensure that local kids are given the chance to attend their nearest school and not have to travel far from their home for an education; however, the Home Zone really isn't an issue where a School is not at risk of overcrowding. 

Currently, our school roll has ample headroom to accomodate kids from outside our immediate area - and we do. Technically, the town of Featherston is just outside our zone, yet many of our current families reside there. To that end, if you live out of zone but think your kid(s) would thrive at our small semi-rural school, then we would love to hear from you.

For full information about how Enrolment Schemes work, visit the Ministry of Education's website.

The School looks great. But my child isn't 5 years old for a wee while yet? Can I pre-enrol them?


Of course! Get in touch and we'll send you some information on how to do that.


South Featherston Home Zone

All children who live within the home zone described below shall be entitled to enrol at the school. This includes children who live within the area enclosed by:

  • both sides of SH2 North of Featherston from Murphy’s Line to Fire Number 2034.

  • a line from FN 2034 on SH2 to the SH3/Te Maire Road intersection (butting the Greytown School home zone).

  • a line from the SH2/Te Maire Road intersection to the Bicknells Road/No 1 line intersection.

  • a line from the Bicknells Road/No 1 Line intersection to Lake Domain Road (including South Featherston Road, Ashby’s Line and the South End of Murphy’s Line).

  • Lake Domain Road/Soldiers Settlement/Longwood Road West/Viles Road to Murphy’s Line.

  • Murphy’s Line from Longwood Road intersection to SH2.

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