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A school uniform was introduced at South Featherston School in 2009 incorporating our School's colours i.e. sky blue and black. Top half items can be purchased at the school office.

Second-hand items are also sometimes available.


Top half: A sky blue polo shirt that has black collar, with the school logo. A sky blue polar fleece jacket, with black contrast, full or half zip, and two pockets with the school logo and/or a polar fleece sleeveless vest, black with school logo.

Bottom Half: Any plain, undecorated black item on the lower half, e.g. shorts, skirts, shorts, trousers, culottes, leggings.

Sports Uniform: Sky blue polo shirt and black shorts.

Sun Hat: Any broad brimmed hat. All new entrants are given a South Featherston School hat.


High Vis Vest: A vest is provided free by the school to each child and is required to be worn to and from school, whether your child is walking, biking, traveling in a private vehicle or the school bus, as well as on all trips away from school.

Footwear: Footwear needs to allow full participation in all school activities with a preference for black.

Jewellery: Watches and simple ear studs and items of cultural significance are acceptable.

Additional information:

  • The same uniform is worn throughout the year. There is no specific summer or winter uniform.

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